Seabed Rig AS is a Stavanger-based company that develops innovative autonomous robotic drilling systems. The all new Robotic Drilling System™ sets new standards with increased safety and cost-effective planning and drilling, and can be implemented on existing as well as on new drilling structures both offshore and on land.

Seabed Rig AS is also developing an innovative drilling rig to be located submerged at the seabed for cost-effective drilling in deep waters and arctic areas. The Seabed Drilling Rig consists of a patented encapsulated design that ensures an environmentally friendly solution with zero discharge to sea and same safety barriers as for conventional drilling.

Both systems can be remotely controlled offsite (offshore office, land or a surface vessel). A simulated reality combined with a surveillance system is used for operation and visualization of the system. By using the same models for design/construction and in the simulator, it will be possible to run the entire system with the actual control system and simulated I/O, with the final MMI (man-machine interface), before the autonomous robotic system is actually built

The Seabed submerged rig is connected to the vessel through an umbilical with power, control and mud flow (Subsea mudpumps are developed in co-operation with Optipump AS). All functions on the rig are remotely controlled from a control room on the surface vessel or from land. The rig is made up of modules that can be lowered through standard moon pool inside the surface vessel and guided in place by means of guide wires. The rig is filled with water, pressure compensated and encapsulated in order to avoid contamination of the surrounding environment.