Welcome to Seabed Rig AS

To emphasis our focus on top side drilling structures Seabed Rig AS has changed name to Robotic Drilling System™ AS (RDS). Please press here to enter our new web page (under construction).

Seabed Rig AS has developed an innovative autonomous robotic drilling rig for unmanned drilling operations. The new system (Robotic Drilling System™) sets new standards with increased safety and cost-effective planning and drilling, and can be implemented on existing as well as new drilling structures both offshore and on land.

The unmanned system utilizes autonomous robotic working operations that can be remotely controlled from an interactive 3D interface.

Robotic drilling system will also be incorporated with the submerged patented encapsulated and pressure compensated Seabed Rig for exploration drilling in harsh areas such as arctic or ultra deep waters.

The development is supported by Statoil, the Norwegian Research Council (Petromaks and DEMO2000) and Innovasjon Norge.


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